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Why Do Bad Things Happen?

In the past few months, there’s been flooding, fires, hurricanes, as well as a mass shooting! It’s a lot to process.

Of course I wish that bad things would never happen but there is another side to them.

When catastrophes happen, people come together. People help. People pray. There is no racism. People simply help other people. And…this is where you see God even in the midst of bad things. God helps people get through bad situations and He uses people as His hands and feet.

Bad events help us to realize just how vulnerable we are as human beings. When things are going good, we forget. We feel strong. We do whatever we want. We even argue over petty things. But when things turn bad, we feel hurt deeply—our own and other peoples’. Our only thought becomes, How can I help? And this is a very good thing! Helping people is an important part of life.

Life is precarious and precious. Cherish it with all your heart. Honor the Creator and love people through the good times and the bad.



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Promptings from God

I often want to see that map or the “why” before I move; but God seems to prefer when I just take each step as it comes. The “why” is often too big for my mind to fathom. That is why God breaks down his plan into small bite-size pieces or promptings. The Lord went ahead of the Israelites to show them the way (Exodus 13:21). He only lit the path that was right in front of them though. He didn’t show them an exact map of the trip.

Furthermore, the Lord rules over and controls everything (Psalm 103:19) whether by making things happen or by keeping the forces of darkness at bay. Sovereignty equals a controlling influence. Sometimes I fight this controlling influence because, let’s face it, I want to be in control of my own life. Doesn’t everybody? After all, that is why humanity fell back in the garden. Humans have a natural impulse to want control of their own lives and I am no different. Although I think I want to control everything, it is a better idea to have the One that can see the bigger picture do it. It is then that I can listen to the Lord’s calming influence and cease my fighting. Then I am better able to follow God’s prompts and life is richer and more rewarding.

God’s hand was all over the week that my father passed away. My father had been sick with lung cancer for quite a while and he was even under hospice care. Nevertheless, no one, including the hospice workers, thought that his last week would be his last week. However, God knew and orchestrated a week that brought as much peace as is possible when a death occurs.

The Sunday before, I impulsively bought frozen strawberry lemonades and brought them to my parent’s house. My dad, my mom, and I enjoyed them and had a nice afternoon together. When I left, everything seemed the same as it had been for the past few months.

On Monday, I bought a variety of yellow and orange marigolds and planted them in containers on my balcony. The flowers didn’t go to my parents’ place or anything but maybe God knew that I would need to see something cheery by the end of the week.

Tuesday, my brother, who lived about two hours away, decided to have his car worked on at a garage that was near my parents’ house. Therefore, while the mechanics worked on his car, he spent an unplanned afternoon with my parents. Normally, my brother only visited on weekends.

On Wednesday, my boyfriend surprised my parents with a visit. My boyfriend lived twelve hours away. He asked them for my hand in marriage and my father was able to give his blessing.

Then on Friday night, my father passed away peacefully in his sleep. Family members were able to have final moments with him even though we didn’t know those moments would be final. Only God could choreograph a final week of life like that.

God can bring impulsive thoughts to us and sometimes we see the reason why. He may bring the thought of someone to your mind and want you to pray for him or her. He may give you an impulse to give someone a call. He may prompt you to invite someone to your home or simply out for coffee. God may even prompt you to write a poem or a song or even paint a picture that will bless other people. It’s only in hindsight that you will know whether or not these stirrings are from God but if you follow through with them you will bless somebody and God may be pleased as well. There just might have been a divine purpose behind the prompting.

Life is precious and unpredictable. It is often the little moments that make it special. One minute life is here and another minute it can disappear but God is trustworthy through it all.

Do you have a prompting in your head that God may have placed there? Why don’t you follow through? Remember that life is fleeting and short (Psalm 90:12). You may just bless others, and yourself, in the process.


Promptings from God

Promptings from God


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