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Bullying Mentality

Forgive others their trespasses.

For they know not what they do.


People may have knowingly or unknowingly hurt me in the past but I want to forgive them wholeheartedly. If people put me down, ignored me, or made me feel unwanted, they did so out of their own hurts. They were seeking to make themselves feel better.


There’s something about the human condition that feels better when we size ourselves up against other people. If we can push someone down, we feel like we’re standing taller.


People act wrongly toward others because something is hurting in their own heart. Everyone has hurts in their heart, after all it’s a fallen and imperfect world. No one hurts someone out of loving feelings. They hurt people in order to feel justified in some way. Pushing people down makes them feel like they are pushed up in the process.Ruler


Acting out of hurts isn’t a conscious thing but it’s there nonetheless.


When you push others down in order to feel better about yourself, it only briefly raises you up in your own mind. But that feeling will fizzle down like a balloon that’s just been pricked. And you will subconsciously want to find another victim for another momentary high.Deflated balloon







The real way to lift yourself up is to begin to consciously lift others up. Encourage them. Make them feel better. Soothe their hurts. Then you will feel better in the process. Your own hurts will heal and you will be able to increasingly live a more fulfilled, more abundant, and more free life.


The way up is to lift others up!


Sizing Up



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