Why Do Bad Things Happen?

In the past few months, there’s been flooding, fires, hurricanes, as well as a mass shooting! It’s a lot to process.

Of course I wish that bad things would never happen but there is another side to them.

When catastrophes happen, people come together. People help. People pray. There is no racism. People simply help other people. And…this is where you see God even in the midst of bad things. God helps people get through bad situations and He uses people as His hands and feet.

Bad events help us to realize just how vulnerable we are as human beings. When things are going good, we forget. We feel strong. We do whatever we want. We even argue over petty things. But when things turn bad, we feel hurt deeply—our own and other peoples’. Our only thought becomes, How can I help? And this is a very good thing! Helping people is an important part of life.

Life is precarious and precious. Cherish it with all your heart. Honor the Creator and love people through the good times and the bad.



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