Take a Few Moments to Relax


In this busy world, it’s imperative to take moments every day to relax and breathe. A few moments a day can get you back on track for the important things in life and prevent burnout.

  • Meditate

Clear your mind of everything. You hear this a lot. But it’s not a good thing to do. Instead of simply making your mind a blank slate, do this instead:

Clear your mind of the lies of the enemy such as worries and fears.

Then refill it with the promises and hope of Scripture. Never leave it empty!

  • Breathe Deeply

You hear this a lot too but it’s actually a great thing to do. When we’re stressed, our breathing becomes shallow. Instead, inhale from your abdomen, through your nose, then exhale completely through your mouth. Repeat this whole process for a few minutes. Your heart rate and blood pressure will slow and you’ll feel calmer. When your physical body relaxes, so does your mind.

  • Be Present

Focus simply on today’s tasks–not tomorrow’s, not next week’s, not next year’s–today’s tasks only. Also, don’t focus on the things you should have or shouldn’t have done yesterday. Just today. Focus.

  • Reach Out

Take a short break. Talk to a trusted co-worker. Call a friend. A lot of times, outside perspective can take away quite a bit of stress. Too much of your own thinking can limit you at times. Invite others’ opinions and perspectives in.

  • LOL

A good laugh lowers your stress, increases endorphins in your brain, and generally lifts your mood. Watch a favorite scene from a sitcom or a funny video on YouTube.

  • Listen to a Favorite Song

Music can lower your anxiety and singing can let out some of that stress.

  • Move

Take a walk around the block. Walk up a few flights of stairs. Moving your muscles helps decrease your stress levels.

  • Count Your Blessings

Grateful thoughts seem to erase negative thoughts. Remember a loved one’s smile, a child’s laugh, a sunny perfect temperature day, a precious memory of a special event, etc. The good things in life are often too numerous to count but try anyway.

  • Remember: God Loves You

God can take bad circumstances and turn them around for your good. Draw closer to Him and see the bigger picture.



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